Disgustingly Lost It... in A Public Restroom!

I have Multiple Sclerosis, and my doctor also has diagnosed me with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I choose to push both of these things out of mind, as I try to live as normally as possible, until.... I MUST deal with these two diagnoses! Such as on a recent Sunday afternoon.

Dealing with MS and IBS

My teenage daughter and I went to church that Sunday, feasted at a restaurant, and went to our local supermarket. I had felt great, but as we started adding things to our cart, the cramping started, signaling my need to go to the bathroom. So I quickly pushed our cart toward where I knew was the bathroom - clear across to the other side of the store. My teen dutifully walked behind me, and I felt my no. 2 pressing forcefully against my anus, as we walked toward the bathroom! When I finally reached that one-toilet bathroom, it appeared to be locked. I stood waiting for whoever was inside to LEAVE! But my bowels would NOT wait.

So I pushed that bathroom door again, realizing, praying, that perhaps, no one was in there after all. And great! The bathroom door popped open from my more forceful push, and no one was in there. But I LOST it, before I could even sit on the toilet! I hastily closed and locked the door, and like a weird, real life nightmare, I looked around me to see my poop everywhere! I was so shocked and embarrassed, yet also determined NOT to leave my mess all over that bathroom!

Getting to work

So I got to work, erasing my mess with much toilet paper, paper towels, bathroom soap, and water. It took me a while, and as I finished, I glanced into the mirror and saw, my weak looking eyes. I left the bathroom, told my daughter I was sick, and asked her if she, too, needed to use the bathroom. She used it right after me, and did not speak of anything being "wrong" in there. So I knew I had successfully made it normal again. And I knew we had to check out our items, and get back home again, as soon as possible! And I now know that, I MUST get some #2 out daily, so that this might not happen again!!

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