Suffering Without Any Answers

I have suffered a very long time with undiagnosed symptoms. I have been told it could be gerds, could be diverticulitis, gall bladder you name anything close to what could cause my symptoms. I eat and get sick often times before I finish my meal. I have stomach and side pain that can send me to bed. Vomiting,diarrhea and cramping. No rhyme nor reason to what foods can be causal. Can eat tomatoes five times in a row and get deathly sick the next time. If I eat to control IBS then I irritate the IBD. Again not diagnosed but is based on what I read. My doctor is a practitioner and she disagrees with the Doctor. I have had the tests several time in recent years. Upper and lower GI. Cat scan, x-rays. They never find anything definitive. I cannot have such pain for them to find nothing. Looking to hear from anyone else who suffers with no answers.

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