UGH I just ate food...

UGH I just ate food & within two minutes the pain started. About 5mins later I was headed to the bathroom to have a bowel movement. The pain was excruciating & I had to bring medicine into the bathroom with me.

I start my day off with a liquid meal replacement drink, Ensure, and after an hour, (fingers crossed) I can have solid food. Usually, the first meal of the day causes agony & sends me to the bathroom really fast.

Changes and slow improvement

I'm always super happy when I can eat food without it causing agony & a trip to the bathroom. It's becoming more frequent for me, so much so that there are times I can now eat in public. This also is a big deal for those times when I am not in my town, I'm in another one for specialist appointments or a little trip.

I used to have to take Buscopan, which one pill would slow things down & two would cause my bowels to stop for a couple hours. That medication was a major game changer, especially for the days I needed to travel to see a specialist in another town. 50mins both ways to get there & back, not to mention however long it would take to see the specialist. After about a year on this medication, I was told it was no longer available, the pharmacy had no idea if it would ever be so I was put on the medication that is one step down. It didn't work the same but to my wonderful delight, I no longer needed it. The change started to happen, where things were slowly improving on their own...or cause of the Buscopan & natural things. I'm not totally sure.


It's been about half an hour since I ate food & was sent into agony & the bathroom. I'm still in pain, I'd say I was sent to pain around 9 and now I am around 5 (pain scale). Still working on getting medicine into me. Brain fog is now hitting, well this one is caused from the pain & is adding onto already existing brain fog.

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