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IBS patient. I'm jan74

Mime began in 1985. I ended up in ER from work balled up, hurting in my side, vomiting. Pain was severe. When they got me to hospital they thought I had a kidney stone. My white blood count kept going up. They took me up to experimental surgery, I had a blocked up small intestine. They said they cleaned it out. But they gouged me with a sloppy surgery. Adhesions. 2 yrs later had gall stones. Went 2 yrs before they could find them devils. Couldn't eat or drink. Went into ER visit again at 3:15am. Dr took x-ray. Said I can't believe we put you through all those test. Nothing showed up and you're full of them.

Major bowel issues

So did my surgery the old way. Had hysterectomy, appendix took out after that. After that gallbladder; I had accidents all the time. Couldn't make it to the bathroom. Afraid to go out and eat or walk on the beach. My stomach would hurt and cramps every time. I started wearing Depend Diapers; had no choice. Summer is nice to wear beach dresses in case you can make off to a guardrail somewhere. I'm paralyzed in muscles and nerves. Got a letter from my Dr cause I got pulled over by cop as I was trying to get over bank. With my dress up. I thought if you want to come and watch I don't care. He was the one I had to have a note from my Dr. I have major bowel issues. Have to stop where I can. I been on side of interstate. Either that or my vehicle and me messed up. I don't have time to get out.

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Looking for answers

Time I start moving its coming out as faster than me. Wanting to get one of those portable John's you can get now that flushes for vehicles. But if I have time to get it out in time. I've had a stomach wrap, repaired my hiatal hernia. Went 20 yrs with no acid reflux but still had diarrhea. Now I've got another hiatal hernia it's making me throw up acid and burning my esophagus up. I've had an incontinence bowel stimulator implanted inside since I can't feel. It works the muscles and nerves from my Sacral nerves to brain to help reduce. Less diarrhea runs. I was ready to die. Couldn't keep nothing in me. All my nutrients was running out if me. Losing down to nothing. It helped 0% -50 %. Less bathroom issues. But you will still get hit with accidents. Can't get by with that. Colonoscopy test couldn't take for adhesions. And my esophagus is doomed again with Vomit and fire. Taking my meds. Watch portions I eat. I'm still nervous going out with anybody. All my stuff I carry is in mine. And I want date to eat. I will starve myself. Like I did at work. All day no food, sip of water run me. I was on floor all day talking to customers. Not good when stomach keeps griping for hours. Trying to excuse myself. Time I get back. Hit me again. Hugs to all. Hit me over anytime. Good luck. Talk out to them Drs what I do. I want an answer I ask. And message him. Sometime you feel like you're the proctologist listening to a Dr excuses up. Not getting to detail. See how my biopsy goes he took off in certain places. Hope everybody sleeps good tonight.

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