Intestines engulfed in flames.

IBS and Burning Guts: A Gnawing Pain to Drive You Insane

IBS makes me feel like my guts are on fire. It feels like someone poured gasoline down my gullet and force-fed me a lit match. It is not like the sharp pain of cramps. This is an intense gnawing pain deep inside that nothing seems to help.

This burning sensation can quickly become more than a nuisance. The pain grows intense, causing sleepless nights and what seems like endless days. This sensation became more severe, and more painful, over the last few months. I am so tired of it.

No rhyme or reason to this pain

There are times when I can feel food leaving my stomach and moving into the lower part of my digestive tract. It burns all the way down, and the pain intensifies as it twists and turns through my intestines. The pain does not subside when I go to the bathroom. It remains for hours, days, and sometimes weeks.

It used to be that only certain foods, such as spicy dishes, had this effect. Recently it seems like everything sets my innards ablaze. Sometimes I do not have to eat at all to trigger this burning sensation. There is no rhyme or reason to it, just as there is no rhyme or reason to much of IBS. That is why IBS is so frustrating.

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Searching for pain relief

The only option I have is to endure the pain. I have found no way to treat it. Even a small decrease in pain levels would make a big difference. If you have IBS pain, you likely know the frustration. Many doctors dismiss complaints. Many refuse to offer any options for relief. We are often left to simply endure it.

The lack of concern over our pain levels is beyond frustrating. Is there anything that can be done for us? Are we expected to suffer in silence? Why are the doctors unconcerned about our quality of life? I will not pretend to know the answers to any of these questions. All I know is this is the fate of many of us. We suffer without intervention. Our complaints are all too often ignored by medical professionals.

Insomnia and pain

Trying to sleep when you feel like your innards are on fire is pointless. I also have insomnia, so when I am dealing with the pain I get even less sleep. Trying to be productive when you are coping with a gnawing pain in your gut is also pointless. It is extremely hard to focus when you are in pain. Add this to the cramping, bloating, gas, and hemorrhoids. The older I get, the worse it seems to get. It is absolute misery some days.

I have spent many days lost in thought trying to get my mind to settle and focus. I have tried eating bland foods. It does not help. I have tried antacids to no avail. There are times when I would attempt to stand on my head if someone told me it helped their pain. So far, nothing has helped. If you have this kind of pain and you have found relief, please share your secrets. I am tired of the constant burning in my gut.

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