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IBS is harder when you…..!

I know you all IBS sufferers know the painful attacks that may change your lifestyle, for me it’s now more difficult as I am now a mother for a 2 years old girl that loves to play around, it’s not the same now, I can’t take my medication and stay all day in bed as I used to do when I am having the attack, plus I don’t have the courage to have a job, although I have a degree in physical therapy with honors degree!!

I am frustrated, as my appointments are always able to be canceled, and I am afraid to give a word to engage in something!

I need optimistic talk as I am now pregnant and just had an attack, writing this in the bathroom while my family are waiting in the car for me to go to the beach, I want to say NO but they will be disappointed!!

I think I need anxiety medication, what do you think guys, did you try it? Is it helpful?

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  • jaeger91
    9 months ago

    Hi Dede89. I asked my doctor for a prescription to help me with anxiety that stems from worrying about having a flare up when I need to attend important events. He gave me Xanax, and I take half a pill when I think I need it. That, along with a bag of supplies and a plan for how I would handle an “emergency”, helps me greatly.

  • Chris Hall moderator
    10 months ago

    Thanks so much for sharing this story, @dede89. I hope the beach trip went smoothly! Two year olds are bundles of energy, so I can understand how difficult managing IBS is while parenting (especially while pregnant!). While we can’t provide any advice about medications, we do have an article here that talks about anti-anxiety medication to help with IBS. It’s important to note that each person may respond differently to each treatment. Talking with your doctor about medication options would be the way to go. I hope this helps! Take care. – Chris, Team Member

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