IBS is harder when you…..!

I know you all IBS sufferers know the painful attacks that may change your lifestyle, for me it’s now more difficult as I am now a mother for a 2 years old girl that loves to play around, it’s not the same now, I can’t take my medication and stay all day in bed as I used to do when I am having the attack, plus I don’t have the courage to have a job, although I have a degree in physical therapy with honors degree!!

I am frustrated, as my appointments are always able to be canceled, and I am afraid to give a word to engage in something!

I need optimistic talk as I am now pregnant and just had an attack, writing this in the bathroom while my family are waiting in the car for me to go to the beach, I want to say NO but they will be disappointed!!

I think I need anxiety medication, what do you think guys, did you try it? Is it helpful?

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