I never knew, I still don’t

I have had diabetes for going on 30 years, I have always has had problems with diarrhea off and on.. I would ask and the Doctors would tell me that it was medication. Then we planned a trip to Hawaii. Just before we left I had an episode of stomach cramping, diarrhea, and throwing up. All at once, I thought I had the flu. It was horribly hot where we were and I just didn’t feel well. Then my tummy got tight and crampy when we were out walking.. luckily I found a restroom and spent the next hour with horrible cramps, till finally I had diarrhea and threw up at the same time.. trying to decide which to do first. Luckily it only happened to a lesser degree till we got home.. My drugest suggested that it was a medication that I was taking for my diabetes, so I quit taking it. But the diarrhea continued and would catch me unaware and in embarrassing places. Lately the stomach cramping and intestinal cramping have started all over again. I have had a lower GI and upper GI .. over a year ago.. Now have to have another upper GI again. There have been days I haven’t been able to get off a couch without running.. I had H-pylori when they did the first upper GI and they treated it, but the doctor never followed up. So when they did the second one I still had the H pylori. And it took forever to get rid of it. I was told I have severe stomach damage….. Eating now days is an adventure, I never know. .

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