Here I "go" again.

My story starts ..well who knows, But I want to say it was when after having rectal cancer surgery to reconnect the plumbing after removing a tumor. At first I thought once my colon got back to normal I would return to my good old self and have those nice after my morning coffee movements and be done and over with it. It wasn't bad enough to have my rectum removed. Now I had to teach my large intestine to work like the part they removed... The first 3 months were awful. I was running to go 4 times an hour. My poor butt was so sore. I cringed having to go, I couldn't sit, if I laid down I would have to get up and go, I was in tears. As time moved on things did get better they calmed down but still I would have these I called spasms. Some times it was a couple hours but as time went on they go to day to weeks. "I think to my self how can anyone have so much poop in them" Now I can tell if something stresses me out I will go into one, if the weather changes I will go into one, If I eat anything with preservatives in it I will go into one etc. All the stuff the Dr has given me to help is not effective. I did find an awesome probiotic called "Just Thrive" available on the internet. It helped. Now there is a new version to My IBS although my movement were semi soft now It has changed to changed to Constipation..oh god it hurts!

You are all with me

In all honesty and to be truthful someone told me pot helps with spasms. It does work sometimes to calm it down. Even though Dr's will prescribe, Good luck finding one in NY. I take the chance I will be let go from my job because I am in the bathroom a lot or I will get drug tested and lose it that way? BUT I never do that while I am working. EVER. I wish someone would just give me a list. Eat this not that, take this not that...I have missed so much because I can't go because the IBS is kicking up, I hate to travel and going to work in a 20 min drive means I will have to stop someplace on the way. I know you all are with me, I have stopped "Bit**ing about it because if you don't have it you don't understand .... me.

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