IBS and Gastritis for months?

Hi. I am curious if others have had similar experiences as mine. I have always felt I had IBS, though never diagnosed. Just a very reactive system - my normal was to race to the toilet after my morning coffee. Often my stool was loose. And some sensitivity to spicy food and shellfish. About two months ago I felt an acute burn below my sternum in my upper abdomen. The following few days, a lot of gas and indigestion developed - noisy stomach rumbling after every meal, as well as looser stools. My upper abdomen felt tender, and I lost some appetite from the discomfort.

No results from tests

I went in to my doctor and got full bloodwork and a CT scan of my abdomen. Thankfully, everything is normal and the CT showed my organs all looked great - pancreas, stomach, colon, kidneys, etc. I then saw a GI doctor who reviewed the CT scan confirmed it all looked great, and treated me for erosive gastritis. He prescribed me PPIs for a month, and I changed my diet substantially - no alcohol, no red meat, very little dairy. But my symptoms continued. My stools were still loose, and the noisy stomach continued after ever my meals, and upper abdomen still a bit tender. I also developed some heartburn, back pain, and a hoarse voice. And the scary part was losing 10 pounds through it all. Needless to say, the past few months I’ve had incredible amount of stress due to the worrying - rarely will I sleep at night more than a few hours.

Correlation between gastritis and IBS?

Though my doctors are not too concerned, I’m scheduled for a endoscopy and colonoscopy to confirm what is going on. I tested negative for H.Pylori, so the supposed gastritis is not from that. It could be stress-related.

Does anything like this sound familiar? I am hoping my dr is right - I just have gastritis which is causing an IBS flare up, but it’s been 2 months and it feels worrisome. I have read about a strong correlation between gastritis and IBS.

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