Full of gas

Six years ago I was diagnosed with IBS following the dreaded scopes in both ends. It has been the most debilitating condition for me, especially due to the severe bloating I suffer. On a good day my tummy is fairly flat, but my god, on a bad day I can bloat and look six months pregnant. Shirts don’t fit, trousers strain on my waist line and as one family member recently said “you would be quiet slim except for your huge tummy.”

Life changing condition

Most days I despair, my life is a constant what will tomorrow bring as every day is different for me with this dreaded condition. From constipation, to can’t keep off the toilet it’s a constant daily, life changing condition.

My story is this, I hate the bloating and looking like I’m pregnant, at a recent doctors appointment the nurse carrying out a heart monitoring procedure asked me when is it due? Honestly, talk about patient care. Still I can always look forward to releasing gas and finally getting a smaller tummy, for a little while at least, happy days.

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