Meet my "French" IBS !

Hi everyone, I'm Charlotte, I turned 36 last February and i'm French.

Here, in France, I saw many doctors through the years and no one told me I had IBS. I had many medical exams (fibroscopy, colposcopy), I tried probiotics but without any success. The doctors are used to say to me: "oh medical exams don't show anything wrong. It must in your head". Oh boy. I hate this sentence!

My main symptoms are diarrhea, gas, bloating, spasms mostly right after any meals. When it's too strong all my body is shivering and i'm only fine right after urging to the bathroom.

French IBS

Bathroom. Talk about it! It is the first thing that I check when I go to a new place (restaurant, bar...). I only eat outside if I know I could access to the bathroom. Here in France you cannot find bathroom easily. And when you find some, they are so disgusting. I went to Japan last year. The bathroom paradise! Bathroom everywhere and so clean!!

When a crisis is happening (My friends get used to it but when it's some new person, it can seem strange. Haha.) while I have a walk through Paris, I have to stop right away and wait. I have to contract all my body and especially my butt. (yeah under my fat ass I have a muscled butt 😂). Then my stomach has to rumble and only that way the crisis goes away. It can come back 5 min or 4h later. I don't know.

Worsening symptoms

This IBS symptoms are increasing with the years. It's worse today than 7 or 8 years ago. I guess stressful life is not Good. I guess my eating disorder didn't help either. For years, I have been eaten too much sugar, fat food too. I'm also a sensitive person and I had always have diarrhea issues before school exams or job interviews.

Once, I tried Fodmaps diet. I didn't see any improvement. So I try to eat good stuff and home made. I don't see a lot of improvement but I guess I have to be patient. I'll plan to try intermittent fasting too during this lockdown time.

My love life is suffering with IBS because this IBS takes too much space in my life. I do dates but I don't drink alcohol anymore. I try not to eat. And I can't imagine having intimate relationships. I would love to but i'm too embarrassed with some symptoms...

Sorry for this long message, probably full of mistakes. 😅

I hope you're safe and your loved ones are too, wherever you are!

Prenez soin de vous!
(means Take care !)

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