IBS and Appendectomy

I’m 51 years old and have been suffering with IBS-D for over 20 years. My days were miserable especially dealing with debilitating colon spasms after bowel movements that left me in pain for most of the day. I have endured bloating, diarrhea and recurring stomach pain and discomfort on a daily basis. Nothing seemed to help my symptoms.

IBS and appendicitis

I did get some relief for a few years with the drug Amitriptyline but early this year that stopped providing relief as well. Two months ago, I had a pain in my stomach that increased in intensity throughout the day and into the night. I assumed it was just another IBS-related issue. In the middle of the night, the pain became so severe that I had to go to the emergency room. I was diagnosed with appendicitis and had my appendix removed the same day.

No more symptoms

After a two-week recovery period, I began to notice that my IBS issues were no longer present. I thought it was some temporary anomaly. Two months later, I can’t believe it but all of my IBS symptoms are gone! No colon cramps, no bloating, no diarrhea, no symptoms at all. My bowel movements are normal and miraculously I feel great like I never had IBS at all.

I’m so thankful for this relief and to have my quality of life back. I realize that this is an individual case and I have no knowledge of any correlation between IBS and the appendix. I just wanted to share my story with this forum that has really been a support system to me in dealing with my IBS issues.

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