6 years story

I never had any problem with my bowel until 6 years ago, when I had to take a massive dose of antibiotics for 6 months due to a bacterial prostatitis. After this, I started to have regularly pain in the pelvis. Sometimes for 6 months I have nothing, and suddenly it starts.

Strong pain

When it starts it is always very long, 3 to 6 months. Pain is very strong, and feeling is terrible, my head is turning strongly in such a way that I’m not able to drive or to concentrate to anything. I feel very week and have no power at all. Pain starts from the very low part of the belly, it seems to be closed to the sigmoid, and when it is getting stronger can extend to the whole belly. Usually the pain starts in the morning when I get up. No tablet helps, I tried Dafalgan, Panadol, Novalgin, only Buscopan in suppository helps a little bit. The only help is a very hot bath for 30 min, but after a few hours pain is back.

Quality of life

In evening it is going better, and during the night the pain disappears, and I can sleep normally. All tests are negative, no infection, no inflammation, echography and resonance magnetic are normal. This time the crisis started 6 months ago, I had some period of rest for about 2 weeks, but then it starts again. Quality of life is really low, and I’m getting completely depressed.

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