My 11 Year Old Son Has Been Diagnosed With IBS

My 11 year old son has had stomach problems ever since he was a baby. He's been on miralax all his life cuz he stays constipated has always had abdominal pain. Earlier this year he was diagnosed with IBS. He has been on several different medications since then - some have helped somewhat or for a short time but then stopped working. Just recently he gets severe abdominal pain after everything he eats and it has come to the point to where he's afraid to eat sometimes so he won't because he doesn't want to endure the pain. He has missed everyday of school this week because of it. I've called his GI doctor and she has added another prescription on top of what he already has. I'm so concerned about all the meds he's taking and switching with all the time. He also has migraines and takes medicines for that as well. He also has mild anxiety but doesn't take anything for that. I'm so worried about his health and the pain he goes through and I feel helpless. Not to mention the several days of school he misses. Please help.

Scared mom.

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