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A person greets another cheerfully above ground, while below the surface there is a tunnel leading to a cavern where a hunched figure in pain hides. Text reads "Others may not "see" it. But I feel it. Invisible Illness Awareness."

Others May Not “See” It. But I Feel It.

During Invisible Illness Awareness Week, we want to recognize and shed light on all those affected by an illness that may go unnoticed despite the major impact your illness has on your daily living. There are so many hidden challenges and frustrations that come from living with an invisible illness.

Major impact on your life

  • Physical health – uncomfortable symptoms like pain, fatigue, nausea
  • Emotional health – feelings of anxiety, isolation, depression
  • Cognitive health – frustrating brain fog, memory, issues with concentration
  • Social healthrelationships, support systems, professional accomplishments

"But you don’t look sick?"

This year we want you to know that we stand with you and want to honor each and every one of you living with an invisible illness. We know that others may not see it, but you feel it. People living with invisible illnesses often here things like, “but you don’t look sick?,” “I know exactly what you’re feeling,” “don’t worry you’ll beat this and be back to normal,” “you’re just having a bad day.”

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Share with us one or two invisible parts of your illness that you wish others could see.

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