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Face the Weekend with IBS

We are supposed to love weekends.

We get to relax after a stressful week at work, stay up until late drinking a glass of wine, partying, watching a movie, having dinner out, or just sleeping in until 10 am.

To me, it is a nightmare.

My body and IBS speak to me and I learned to listen: they both love their routine.

IBS routine

Almost everything appears like it’s working when I wake up at 7 am. Drink tea with lemon. Have breakfast. Go to work. Drink 2 liters of water. Have lunch. Bike home. Have a light dinner. Shower. Relax. Sleep by 11 pm. My bowel enjoys a really boring and predictable life.

On the other side, my fiancè can go to sleep, drink, and eat whatever and whenever he pleases, and everything works just fine. HOW ANNOYING.

He does not understand why I really want to be in bed by 11 pm. First of all, having 8 hours of sleep allows my inner serial killer not to raise from hell. Secondly, it is the only way for me to have a functioning body the day after.

I honestly do not comprehend why, for some of us, life has to be so complicated.

Weekends with IBS

I would just love to chill in bed on a Saturday morning, relax a bit more, and not think about how I will feel horrible for the whole weekend if I don’t wake up by 7 am.

Of course, when the mind is set on something, it becomes almost always a reality.

Hence, at night, I start becoming nervous because I want to go home and be asleep at 11 pm. On the other side, fairly enough, my fiancè wants to enjoy his time off and take it slowly. Of course, he is absolutely entitled to use his time as he pleases, but when we are together and we go home late, I’m already internally frustrated.

Therefore, not the best scenario for my IBS.

Who sets the IBS rules?

I wonder if it is the timing, certain foods, or the amount of water I drink (while I’m at work, I drink much more), that I bike every day, or just that my mind knows how predictable my day is going to be.

Who sets the rules for a perfectly working body? The food, the mind, the environment? All of them combined? Where is the magic wand to make a body to run properly on a daily basis?

I just know that, interestingly enough, my bowels work SO much better during the working week. When I have a set schedule, no free time, and a good amount of stress from work.

How curious.

Sometimes I just wonder if my body got used to living in a constant state of being in a rush and busy. The anomaly of the relaxed and free time freaks it out and just stops working decently.

Another annoying part is that I feel and look much better during the week, while on the weekend I’m constantly bloated and I do not fit into my clothes.

I’m trying to introduce a more stable routine that blends my usual pattern to the weekend. I will see if it will improve the current situation. In the meantime, I’m starting a new meditation class.

Hopefully, removing the expectancy of a stressful weekend will help.

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