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alt=a panicked woman runs to the bathroom at the Daytona Speedway

IBS Almost Made Me Poop on the Daytona Speedway

Yup, I almost took a crap on the Daytona Speedway, and it was horrific! Thanks, IBS. You always know when to show up in the most awful times. Here’s the story:

I just recently went on a little weekend getaway with my family. I was pleasantly surprised that this 4-day trip was amazingly free of IBS symptoms. I think it was because I was so relaxed and happy.

The ride to the speedway

Believe it or not, the trip consisted of a 5-hour car ride, and I made it through like a champ. I had zero anxiety. I felt great. And neither trip there nor back did I have to pull over to run into a random public bathroom. I was thrilled.

However, sometimes when things are too good to be true, they are. On the last day, before we drove back home, we decided to stop at the Daytona Speedway and do a little tour. I had never been, and I was really excited even though I know nothing about professional race car driving. What a fun experience! We get to actually ride on the track and learn about interesting trivia. I was pumped.

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Making the most of my extra time

We had arrived at the track early and with time to kill before the tour began, so we decided to explore the area a bit. I came across a nail spa with excellent pricing and thought, well, I’m on vacation, I never get my nails done, and I have the time to do it. So off I went to have a manicure and pedicure.

Boy, was I so happy! It was a lovely experience, and the following weekend was Easter, so it was perfect timing. Of course, the appointment took longer than expected and suddenly it became really real that I may miss the tour. I had to be at the track by 1:15 pm, and it was already 1:05 pm.

Stress and an IBS flare

The rush and the stress got to me. Long story short, I barely made it and had to run to make it to the tour trolley. Well, I did! Which was great, but now I was out of breath, stressed, and embarrassed that I was the last one everyone was waiting for.

The tour consisted of a large trolley, and I sat in the very last row with my family. This turned out to be quite helpful. As the tour began, we started to drive around the property, and all was well. About 20 minutes in, we were down in the middle of the track, which was so cool, but my stomach did not seem to think so. The worst happened: the gurgling began, along with the cramping, and it hit me like a truck — I had to use the restroom. I panicked! I’m in the middle of the speedway, and there are no restrooms anywhere!

I start breathing and closing my eyes, and my family began to ask if I was okay. I said I was having an episode and needed a washroom, or I was going to jump off this little train and take a doo-doo in the middle of the track. Everyone was silent. It was evident I might actually have to do that.

Thank God and all His angels that would you believe, in the center of the speedway are bathrooms?! All of a sudden, the train we were on moved and headed in that direction. We stopped right next to one! My boyfriend asked the tour guide with lightning speed if it was open, and when he said yes, he quickly signaled me, and I ran like an Olympian to the women’s room.

I made it! I don’t know how but I did, and it all worked out without anyone even noticing. In that section, the guide had a long little speech prepared, so by the time I came out to rejoin, it was as if nothing happened. But my goodness, what a nightmare. I was prepared to pop a squat in front of about 20 innocent people.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you had a nightmare experience like this? Share below. Let’s chat.

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