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My Top 5 Products to Use for IBS

As we all know, IBS can mean being locked up in the washroom for hours and hours out of the day. The constant urgency and abdominal cramping accompanied by pain mean spending most of our time stuck in a small room, door shut, and our pants down to our ankles. But hey, at least you know you aren’t alone right?

Over the years, I have decided to try and make my bathroom experience a bit more bearable and pleasant since I spend half my day in there sometimes. So I began trying different products and here are my top favorites in no particular order which have truly become necessities to me now. Let’s take a look:

1. Bidet Attachment

This my friends is an absolute game-changer. I regret not purchasing this sooner. Over the years, I have had family suggest me buying a bidet to attach to my toilet due to my condition. I would always brush off the suggestion. I honestly didn’t think it would make a difference. At the time I stocked up on baby wipes and found them to be helpful and working okay.

Boy was I wrong! It wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I was gifted a bidet attachment. You can find them on Amazon for $40. And it is worth every penny! First, I don’t have to buy baby wipes anymore which are very expensive when you use them every single day for every single IBS episode. So this new addition has me saving money which is wonderful.

Secondly, being able to spray water on your bum, after a flare, is the most glorious feeling on the planet. Not only do you feel squeaky clean afterward, but it also helps in way less wiping which leads to less pain and rawness. Who doesn’t want that?

And last but not least, it just changes the entire experience of having a bowel movement. No matter the episode, you know in the end you will be clean and feel fresh. A total win.

2. Squatty Potty

Love my Squatty Potty. It is scientifically proven that the proper way to have a bowel movement is to squat. So believe me, once you assume the position you will realize how much less strain is actually involved in going No.2.

I am so glad I was gifted this product. I use it every time I use the washroom and I will never go back.  Anything that makes having a bowel movement easier is a win for me! You can get one on Amazon for around $20 and it tucks neatly underneath your toilet. I highly recommend it.

3. Poo-Pourri

If you don’t have Poo-Pourri in your purse, you are missing out. It is a spray before you go toilet spray which freshens the air for even the most gnarly of IBS episodes. I have a travel-sized spray in my purse at all times and I keep one in my home’s bathroom to use as well. There are all sorts of scents to choose from, and it really works in keeping the odor at bay.

4. Essential oil diffuser

Speaking of air fresheners, I also use an essential oil diffuser in my bathroom to keep things smelling pleasant. Just add your favorite oils, turn them on and the entire washroom will smell like a spa.

It is also a great idea for when you have guests because let’s face it, even healthy people have to poo too and with the diffuser constantly on, no one has to worry about any embarrassing odors.

5. Heating pad

This is an absolute necessity for anyone who suffers from IBS. The true OG of all products: the heating pad. It comes to our saving grace during any moment of abdominal discomfort, mild or severe. I place it on my abdomen and always find relief. Definitely make sure you use this tool to your advantage. You can find them online and they come in all sorts of varieties and prices.

What other products do you use to help with your IBS? Comment below and share. We love to hear from you!

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