Saying No to Vacations with IBS

Recently, I was invited to a bachelorette weekend getaway, and although I wanted to attend so badly, I had to say no to the invitation due to IBS symptoms.

Saying no to fun because of IBS

I know it is the worst feeling to have to skip out on having fun due to a medical diagnosis, but in this case, it was the right decision for me.

Can't have a good time when flaring

I think it is so important that we make sure we aren’t putting ourselves in situations that will cause us major anxiety and stress, just to try and fit in. I have said yes a million times to many events and outings, only to regret it afterward. I regret it, because I never have a great time when I am flaring.

The energy it takes to make sure where the bathrooms are and create a back-up plan in case things go badly due to urgency is exhausting. And who will be going? Will there be a lot of people in the restroom?  How is the restroom? Single stall? Unisex? Will the crowd be large enough so that people won’t notice if I use the restroom for a while, or is this an intimate gathering?

Still saying yes to important events

It can become such an event internally that the fun just gets blasted away. So why put yourself through it? Honestly, I think very few events warrant that type of suffering. Yes, don’t miss out on a sibling's wedding, but it’s fine to say no to a casual dinner.

And this is why I said no to the bachelorette weekend getaway. I have been feeling loads better when it comes to IBS.  However, when I do travel it is usually with my boyfriend, or family. All whom know my situation and are always supportive of me if I have an episode. Therefore I feel calm, safe and sure. Zero anxiety.

On this trip I was invited to, it would be with about 12 girls and I would be meeting about 9 of them for the first time. We would all be sharing a house via airbnb with limited bathrooms. And that right there had me saying no. Sometimes in the mornings I am in the restroom for a while, and I would be so uncomfortable knowing that other women would be waiting on me. Especially women that I have never met.

I'd say yes if they were people I know well

In addition, it would be a beach get away. So lots of beach and pool activities. And again, if I was with people I felt comfortable with, I would say yes. But considering I would have to perhaps explain my situation, I just didn’t feel like dealing with it and I think that is perfectly okay.

I think it is okay to draw boundaries with what you want to deal with in life. Sometimes, you just don’t want to push yourself out of your comfort zone when it comes to dealing with a medical diagnosis, and that is perfectly fine. It is okay to say no to events and vacations if you know you will be anxious the entire time.

So if you are dealing with a situation, where you don’t want to go somewhere because you are flaring and don’t want to deal with the anxiety of wondering if your symptoms will flare—saying no is a perfectly good option.

What are your thoughts?  Have you said no to certain events or vacations due to your IBS symptoms? If so, share below. We love to hear from you.

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