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My Daughter Is My Inspiration

My daughter, I may be biased, but she is awesome. She amazes me every day and makes me do my best to be a better person—a little background on us. When I was 19, I had, what I thought, was the best decision ever. I moved off with my boyfriend at the time. Long story short, it didn’t work out between us, and I ended up pregnant. Z saved me, though. If I hadn’t gotten pregnant when I did, there is no telling where I would be today.

My daughter changed my life

From the moment I knew I was pregnant, I changed my life around. I wasn’t at the time doing anything bad, really, but if I had stayed the path I was on, with the people I was with, I would probably be in jail or worse. Z brought light back into my dark world. I have lived every day since for her. She was born 2 weeks before I turned 21. Gosh did she turn my world upside down.

Stubborn and hardheaded from the start, Z was 2 weeks late, I was induced, they broke my water, and we still had to do a c-section to get her out! LOL! From day one, my girl knew what she wanted and was never quiet about it. She was the best baby and toddler and as smart as could be. For her second birthday, my brother asked my mom, “what do you get a kid who already knows everything, an encyclopedia?”

My daughter has a heart of gold

Not only is Z insanely smart she has a heart of gold. She has never been bothered by race, who someone loves, who they identify as, or how they worship their God. Z is just a great kid. She will befriend anyone; age isn’t even an issue. From babies to the elderly, Z loves everyone. One thing she won’t stand for is bullying anyone. She will be the first to step in and stop it, not only stopping it, but she will also do her best to educate the bully on why it is a problem.

She is my greatest inspiration

If I had to pick my most significant accomplishment, it would be raising Z to be the open, loving, intelligent kiddo she is. I grew up in a household where we didn’t talk openly about things. I wanted Z to feel like she could come to me for anything and everything, and after almost 15 years, I think we are getting there. This girl inspires me every day to be a better me. She is involved in school, dance, and choir and still makes time to read, do homework, and be a kid. I couldn’t have asked for a better person. I have the honor and privilege of watching her grow into an amazing person.

Z is so inspiring to me because no matter what, Z does whatever she can to help someone. In my case, with my IBS and other medical issues going on, Z is always there to help me when needed. She is also a huge advocate for those scared to speak up and use their voice. Z truly is one amazing girl, and I hope to be as amazing as she is one day.

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