My Incredible Maya Abdominal Massage Experience

Wow, wow, wow. I have never had a massage like the Maya abdominal massage before. It was an emotional, energy releasing and somewhat painful experience. But I mean painful in a good way, in that the practitioner hit all the right spots that were at times extremely tender and worked on them until the pain dissolved. You can read about the history of the Arvigo Techniques of May Abdominal Therapy and how it may help IBS here.

I went along with the hope that it could help a persistent painful spot that I had been experiencing for years and to help improve my digestion. My practitioner explained that the aim of the session was to release the muscular and emotional blockages in my body and get the muscles and ligaments connected to my abdominal organs aligned and positioned where they should be.

It began with the rest of my body

She started at my head, and who knew I had such a tender spot right on top of my head! Then moved to my shoulders and my back. Next was my hips and legs and some dry needling on the really tender spots. And all the time I’m being told to take deep belly breaths and breathe out with a sigh or at times a roar like a lion! Surprisingly it really did help ease the pain and tension.

Moving onto my abdominal area

I never knew that my lower ribs were caught and tight or that my oblique muscles were tight and restricting, but I definitely felt the difference after she worked on these areas! It was explained to me that this tightness was preventing my diaphragm from expanding and affecting my ability to take deep breaths!

When my practitioner finally moved onto my belly she immediately knew where my tender spots were without me saying anything. It was almost like she had x-ray eyes and could see where all my organs were misaligned. The first step was to realign my bladder which wasn’t in the right spot but she was relatively gentle here as it was quite tender and then she moved around my abdomen using different techniques to get things moving. She was quite gentle and at times I felt emotional, which is not surprising considering the brain-gut connection.


When it was over I felt a little light headed and dizzy and my hands and feet were tingling, but I was gradually able to get up. I left with instructions to complete my own abdominal massage 10 minutes a day for the next two weeks. I was also provided with a smoothie recipe to drink each morning to help get my bowel moving in the right direction. I made an appointment to go back in three weeks and I may only need 1 or 2 more visits.

That night and the next day, I felt lighter and free and I had no aches or pains anywhere. The sore spot in my right lower abdomen area was still tender much better the next day. I was also able to get into a couple of yoga moves I had been struggling with for years, which I think was due to the loosening up of my ribs. I can’t wait to see if my overall digestion and symptoms improve!

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