IBGard is my BFF

Years ago, before I knew what was exactly wrong with me – and before I could title it as IBS – I was complaining to a friend about my stomach troubles. She suggested that I start taking IBGard pills, which are ultra-concentrated peppermint pills designed to assist with said stomach troubles, specifically the "dietary management of IBS" (IBGard).

Her mum took them, and she said it had helped her a lot. I said I would consider it but did not really think much of it at the time. I wasn't even taking Tums or Pepto-Bismol at all at this point; I was pushing through the flares, discomfort, and bloating on my own without thinking much of it at all except when I complained to my friend, of course. Part of my thinking also might've been that taking the IBGard pills before I knew it was IBS would have felt like I was already labeling something I had no idea about (but that could very much just be me overthinking now).

Put some pep in your step

A few days after I got my diagnosis, I remembered my conversation with my friend about IBGard a year or so before. I decided that I may as well try to do something to ease my suffering. So, I went to the drugstore and purchased IBGard. Suffice to say; it was a game-changer for me. A. GAME. CHANGER. Since the first purchase, I've never bought any other peppermint pill besides IBGard (a stick-with-what-you-know method, I think), but that's not to say that other brands or even forms of peppermint won't work for you. I'm not an essential oils obsessive person; further so, I absolutely detest when someone tells a person with chronic pain to take essential oils to assist with pain management, etc., as it makes me want to scream (don't get me started on how much I detest Young Living and other "health"-based MLMS, or any MLMs for that matter). However, I do think peppermint is a huge benefit for stomach pain (and for headaches).

Guard me against the pain, oh wise pep

Now, I don't take it every day, every day before every meal (although I definitely feel like I should take it more). However, when I need it, it really helps. I mainly take it when I know I'm headed into a heavy meal (something that'll have more triggers). Sometimes though, I'll take it when I'm really looking forward to a meal and don't want it to be ruined mid-way through (or after) if I've already been feeling a little off that day. I am definitely not saying that the peppermint pills have to be for everyone! However, if you like the taste of peppermint, I don't see the harm in using it, as it's just pure, natural, concentrated peppermint.

What methods do you all use to help with pain management for IBS? Do you use IBGard or a similar product, as well? Please drop a comment and let me know!

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