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Using a Hot House Dome for IBS

You may be wondering, what on earth is a Hot House Dome? Well, I once wondered the same exact thing!

I have a side of my family that is into natural/holistic protocols for the body. I am a pretty open-minded girl, so I’ll pretty much try anything once. Since my family is well aware of my Crohn’s Disease and IBS diagnosis, I get a lot of recommendations for ways to improve my digestive system holistically. And to be honest, some are quite quirky and weird.

Hot house dome experience

It was a couple of months ago that I had a family member who bought a Hot House Dome. Basically, a Hot House is a mini sauna. It uses infrared heat and is in the shape of a dome. Essentially you get under this dome contraption and can heat up a section of the body to promote healing, detoxification, and many other beneficial things on the cellular level.

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I am no expert in this machine by any means, but since it was at such close disposal, I decided to give it a try. Since my main issues are located in my bowels, I would place the dome over my belly.

I began using this machine twice a day for 45 minutes a day. I was hoping it would help with healing my gut and helping with urgency symptoms and major bloating, as when I began using it I was in the middle of enduring a pesky flare.

Hot house dome results

Lo and behold, this contraption gave me incredible results! I couldn’t believe it. Literally after my first session, I felt something happening in my gut. It’s hard to explain but it felt like there was some sort of change happening. I remember after the first session, I even had an urgency to use the restroom. I passed some gas and soon felt better afterward. It was as if there was a die-off of bad bacteria happening.

Fast forward, I kept using this Hot House consistently for about a month straight. My urgency improved drastically! I was no longer running to the bathroom praying that I wouldn’t have an accident. I also began to tolerate more foods. There was truly some type of healing going on in my body by using this infrared heat on my abdomen. I was pretty blown away by the success I was seeing.

In time, however, I no longer had access to this equipment as I had to travel and then eventually move locations. I did find, after I stopped using the machine, my symptoms started to come back and the urgency became prevalent again. All I could think about was how I needed to get myself one of these Hot Houses!

So I did. I recently purchased one, and although they are expensive, to me it’s absolutely worth it. I have begun to use it every day, and just like before, I have seen a dramatic improvement in my symptoms. I can only hope that if I stay consistent and use it daily for months consecutively that perhaps symptoms will take a huge turn for the better.

Have you ever used a Dome or Hot House before? If so, share below, we love to hear from you!

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