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Holiday Fatigue and How to Recharge

The holidays can be draining. For me personally, I hosted Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas lunch at my home while attending all the other holiday events. Needless to say, I am worn out. Holiday fatigue is real and when you have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), even more so.

Hosting is always a ton of work, but juggling IBS and thinking about only eating safe foods while being mindful of not overwhelming yourself in order to keep symptoms at bay can feel like a lot to handle.

Recharge and recoup

I am proud to say that I was very conservative with my food choices. Normally I tend to give in and eat a lot of sweets and other foods that I normally don’t which I end up paying for later. But I felt very in control this year which was a plus.

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However, even though my stomach felt well, the fatigue is what hit hard this time around. I found myself struggling to stay awake. I felt slow and not as energetic as other years.

Which is why it is important to recharge and recoup after the holidays. We have to pamper ourselves and get back to a solid healthy routine. So what are some ways to get us back into fighting shape? 

Warm bath with Epsom salt

Don’t sleep on the power of a warm bath with Epsom Salt. This is such a soothing activity you can do that will get you feeling rejuvenated. A warm bath on its own is delightful but when you add Epsom salts it takes the experience to another level. Your entire body is soothed, it calms the nervous system and it will help you fall into a deep peaceful sleep. This is a great thing to do after the holidays.

Sleep in

Make sure you get adequate sleep. 7-8 hours is always a good idea. Make sure you set the temperature to slightly cooler temperature for a deeper sleep. I love 68 degrees. Also black out curtains are always a good idea. And diffusing essential oils like lavender will create a peaceful ambiance.


The gift wrap, ornaments, garland, Christmas tree, and other decorations are all amazing, but after the holidays it is just as amazing to clean up and put away. You feel lighter and more organized and it can help you get to feeling back into your daily routine.

Eat healthy foods

Getting back to eating your normal foods is the best feeling after the holiday season. You can definitely feel out of whack when it comes to meal time. So I suggest to quickly get back into your normal diet, as it will bring back the feeling of stability. Meal prepping for the week on Sundays is always a good idea to get organized.

What else do you do for an IBS holiday recharge? If you have any more suggestions, be sure to share below, we love to hear from you.

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