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Healthcare Provider Satisfaction With IBS

We recently conducted the 5th IBS In America survey, in which we asked the community about experiences living with IBS. Specifically, one section of the survey asked about healthcare providers and satisfaction with care.

We learned that 72 percent of those who took the survey do currently see a healthcare provider for their IBS, but only 51 percent of those people are satisfied with the care they receive.

In general, a person with IBS might only see a gastroenterologist at their diagnosis and if something else comes up along the way. With only about half of respondents reporting satisfaction with care, we wanted to take a deeper look into how our community advocates have felt throughout their disease journeys.

Healthcare provider satisfaction

Amy Dodd Pilkington, IBS advocate"I was diagnosed more than two decades ago and have consulted with my healthcare provider periodically over the years. When I was primarily dealing with IBS-D, I did take medication to treat it and felt it improved my quality of life. Now that I have IBS-D and IBS-C, treating one triggers the other. I do not feel like there are any viable treatment options for people who suffer with both sides of IBS. Knowing this, I rarely mention IBS. It is disappointing that there are no options that effectively treat IBS-M." – Amy P.

Shannon Grantham, IBS Advocate"I have seen many healthcare providers over the last several years. Up until the last one I went to I never really got anything out of the visits (except debt). The last one I have seen, though, she was different. She really seemed to care and worked with me to figure out something that would help me. I do think it takes a lot of trial and error to find someone who works with you and for you." – Shannon G.

Karina Ioffe, IBS Advocate"I don't currently see anyone for my IBS. However, I saw many different healthcare professionals when I first got diagnosed. I tried many treatments that my doctor prescribed me. When nothing worked, I went to see a specialist. But there, again, he just prescribed me various treatments that did nothing for me. I even ventured into osteopathy, but once again, it did nothing. I felt like every person I went to see brushed me off by saying that all my problems were only due to stress, so they weren't "real." In my experience, the only thing that truly works is trial and error. Figuring out my triggers and adapting my lifestyle and diet helped me gain a bit more control." – Karina

Sawyer Matheny, IBS Advocate"I saw a gastroenterologist when I was first diagnosed but haven't really followed up. I have been treating myself with my prescriptions as is, but I'm looking into seeing a dietitian. Sure, I am somewhat satisfied with my treatments, but I would prefer some premeditative choices." – Sawyer

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The 5th IBS In America survey was conducted online from June 8 through August 3, 2020. All of the 1,930 people who completed the survey were screened for IBS symptoms.

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