Adult male eats hot dog while suffering from IBS.

A Case of IBS Hubris

Since my IBS diagnosis, I have been acting very differently. Before I understood what I was dealing with and I could put another check into my ‘what bodily issues do I have to deal with’ list, I lived life on a hunch. An educated guess that perhaps, any food would torment me, but there was nothing I could do about it. Acting like it was normal and suffering the consequences.

Not as much anymore

My diagnosis has, already, given me an arsenal of mental tools that I’m using at my disposal, one of which, would be hubris. My “excessive pride” is coming from a place of understanding. Like now that I know what I’m dealing with, I know how to conquer my IBS.

Or so I thought

I’ve been prescribed Dicyclomine which, for me, has been a lifesaver. It’s a preemptive drug that quells any cramping or associated feelings of IBS for several hours and gosh if that isn’t important to me. I get symptoms without eating food, I mean just a stressful appointment will send me to the bathroom. This sounds like what I’ve been searching for.

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What I’ve been needing!

I’ve actually been able to eat warm cheeses, soups, and even teas without having explosive ramifications. Honestly, it’s felt like I’m on top of the world! Though, as we know in most young adult novels, living your life with no regard for personal safety always leads to the driving conflict that leads to a heartfelt lesson at the end.

Mine were microwaved hot dogs

My mom is an excellent cook, raised in the south, and has always served us delicious meals. That being said, I have attained literally 0 percent of that culinary wisdom, and since becoming an adult, the microwave has been my go-to cooking buddy. So naturally, I made the naive mistake of microwaving hotdogs and thinking, hey, this, paired with soggy bread, would pair nicely. Why don’t I just eat like a nasty boy and pop a pill? It’s worked for me thus far!

Narrator: It did not work for him

What proceeded were some of the worst stomach cramps and butt rain that I had experienced in a long while. SO bad was it in fact that it lasted for two days! This was my ideal scenario, I was eating at home, something that hasn’t wrecked me before. Yet, here I am blasting away using up all of my 2-ply goodness. I don’t claim to be a scientist, but I can astutely claim some real bulls***.

I let my hubris get the best of me. My arrogance for all foods greasy is what did me in. Just because I have a rescue med doesn’t mean I can start to slip and eat poorly. I love foods and trying unique ones has been a passion (Look at me talking up wet hotdogs). My body does not respond to some foods in the best of ways and just because I know I have IBS, and have some tools to avoid it, doesn’t mean I get to eat whatever I want whenever I want. It means that I still have to listen to what my body needs and eat responsively, even if it means putting more effort into the types of foods that I let inhabit my tummy.

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