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A Day in the Life…With My Pets

Since it’s Pet Month, let me introduce you to my little animal family at home. And so, the cast of characters: there’s Livy, she is a cat and and she is…uh…crazy. She climbs walls, ya know, and she only comes out at night, to find ME. I am her paramour… or at least in her mind. Considering she is scared of everything else that moves, it seems she has taken a shine to me, since I rescued her from a compromising situation one time. Then we have Mabel. Mabel NEEDS to go out on dates and stalks the front door waiting for someone to slide by the first person who steps he in the house. She will eat as much as you put in front of her to the point that she has become quite fat. She is moody, envious and vindictive and she is the most loving cat in the world. She respects me as the master of the domain, only because I am irresponsible about how much food she gets. Bowl is empty…I fill it. Treats…absolutely. Otherwise, she does not acknowledge my presence. This is a working relationship. Mabel loves my girlfriend, who I truly believe she thinks is her mother. Last, but certainly not least: Imogene. Imogene is a Pomeranian with a Hispanic background (she is part CHIHUAHUA). Imogene was a Parisian show dancer in her last life and expects to be treated as such. She lives to be loved, loves to eat and has two teeth. Though it might seem like eating would be difficult for her, somehow, someway…she soldiers on. You should see what she does to a beef jerky; truly remarkable.

The roles of my animal family

This menagerie has come to a mutual understanding. Mabel will watch Livy’s back because Livy has a lot of issues and needs some support. Livy will watch the home so that no intruders break in. In which case, she will run for help. What? This is her JOB. Imogene is the Queen. She will move from room to room looking for the most luxurious sleeping arrangement. She only speaks when she wants food and I tell ya, you better be there with a full bowl. Otherwise, the bark will continue indefinitely. My girlfriend and my job is to keep Livy from sneaking up on Imogene and whacking her in the head. She does this for fun…or because she deeply hates Imogene. This has yet to be determined. What we have here is a family unto its own. They play, they argue, they bicker, steal and share, just like real brothers and sisters. We have extended our family by taking these pets into our lives. I should say that each and every one of them was rescued both from the street and the shelter. It is a reciprocal arrangement. They get a comfortable place to live, plenty to eat and love…lot and lots of love. We feel good that we were able to save sweet animals from hopeless situations and we receive the love and gratitude of these animals almost daily. Almost…daily.

Pets provide entertainment, love & activity

I hope you enjoyed my little travelogue, through the townhouse jungle that is my home. Now for the moral of the story. Having these three around provides constant entertainment, love and activity. Caring for them takes you out of your head. When you can come out of the busy, psychological world for just a little while, you will find yourself feeling noticeably better. So love your pets, let them help you and if you don’t have one…you can have Livy…for a very modest fee. Who am I kidding, your taking Livy from me over my dead body. Peace, ya’ll.

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