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Do you ever get that feeling sometime after you’ve finished a meal or a snack? You know… that feeling of “oh sh*t” literally? Your stomach takes a roll and you know… you know it’s not going to be an easy trip on the toilet.

Visit to the porcelain throne

And even worse is that between the time you finished consuming the food and the time you had to run to the toilet, you thought maybe those few passings of flatulence you let out cleared the air between you and the IBS devil so that you were not going to have to plant yourself on the white porcelain throne...

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and you’re now sitting on the toilet, where you’ll be for the next 5-7 business days because you shouldn’t have had that damn ice cream cone AFTER a cocktail. It was so tempting!! Tiramisu flavoured ice cream with a chocolate ball in the middle! A cone made of fried cinnamon dough (yes I am realizing how bad that sounds)!!

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Hot and heavy

That was my night last night. Whenever I have a really bad flare-up that causes me to run to the washroom some twenty minutes later after finishing food, I am most likely in for a diarrhea night. In addition, what comes with the diarrhea are these fun little hot flashes that make me think my 20-something-year-old bum is headed to start menopause. It doesn’t feel feverish exactly; instead, it feels like just suddenly someone has turned up the heat but only on my body. The next thing I do when this happens is that I rip off all my clothes and remove anything that’s too tight on my body.

It just makes me feel better to let air find every part of my burning skin. Splashing cold water on my face can help as well (my toilet is right beside the sink in my washroom, which is super beneficial for these exact moments). An icepack would be a good choice as well but most of the time I do not think that far ahead. Also, with the hot flashes come the anxiety of “when will I be able to get off of this toilet” and “will I need to seek hospital attention because is it something more serious”. Ah anxious thoughts, they’re fun! I did not end up getting a lot of sleep last night because I woke up early and still had to clear out a lot of my mistakes.

All clear?

During this time, the only thing I can really do, besides the aforementioned is just sit and wait. Let my bowels clear themselves out and feel my temperature return to normal. However, it can be a tough process and there can be sometimes “in the clear” moments, only to have to return to the toilet a few times before the “all clear” actually stands. It usually takes me a few times before I am able to comfortably sleep, as this happens to me at night.

Does anyone else feel an increase in body heat during a bad diarrhea run?

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