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Three people stand in front of paintings of representations of IBS as flare symbols, balloon bowels, and bowels as a life destroyer with giant paintbrushes

Painting the IBS Picture

When you think about your irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), what's the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe you're thinking, "a demonic gopher boring holes into my intestines with malicious intent." That's how 1 member of the community eloquently answered our Facebook prompt below:

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April is IBS Awareness Month and this year, we'll be discussing "painting the IBS picture." We want to hear from you what your day-to-day experience is with IBS, and how you might paint the picture of IBS to others.

Describing IBS to others

How would you describe your IBS to people who don't have it? Do you have any success stories about getting friends or family to understand what you're going through? Share about it in our forum below!

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This or that

To get the conversation going, let's play This or That! Read the questions below and select the answers that best describe you.

This or That

Do you find that your IBS symptoms are more strongly triggered by:

This or That

Would you rather have a meal that is:

This or That

Would you rather have an IBS flare-up:

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