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Arthritis and IBS

My God, is it Hell getting old. During my long period of isolation, I did have several bouts of IBS trouble, but honestly, for the most part, it was the most IBS-free I’ve been since being diagnosed in 2015.

My rationale behind that is that I was home, safe, and free from dealing with a lot of the triggers that send my very serious anxiety on edge. Working in a busy office building, or in the streets assisting folks with mental illness and homelessness will do that to you (my last 2 jobs). While I was so absolutely pleased to have such a long break from IBS and anxiety, I developed several other issues that not only ruined my reprieve but made coming back into the 'real world,' all the more painful and frustrating.

IBS and back pain

Many people with IBS have back troubles. I’ve read many stories here on the site indicating that a large percentage of people with stomach troubles and IBS have back problems. I have had chronic back trouble since an injury when I was 30-years old, but IBS flares cause them to be far worse than usual. I am generally in more pain and the recovery time is longer.

Now, depending on my level of health and especially a healthy weight, the real back trouble is usually only a couple of times of the year. You know, the kind where you can’t stand up? Yeah, fun, isn’t it? Unfortunately, somewhere during my couch, office chair life at home, I became very isolated and wasn’t moving around much at all. That’s when I got to find out about 2 of the more uncomfortable things I’ve heard people talk about – sciatic pain and arthritis.

Sciatic pain and arthritis with IBS

They hit at almost the same time. The sciatic is just this horrible nerve pain going down the leg, through the butt. Very painful at times. The Arthritis was a little more unnerving as it was mostly affecting my knees and joints. Try having to sit on the toilet when the time comes for a long period of time, on your butt, with your arthritic knees killing you. Never say it can’t get any worse. I could only go to the doctor and hope that I could get some help.

Managing my pain symptoms

I was lucky enough that my insurance covers a chiropractor, and the adjustments and massage helped tremendously. So did the medication, dietary, and supplementary advice given by several different doctors. Glucosamine Chondroitin helped my knees loosen up enough that I could start carrying my groceries up three flights again and not having to ask my kids to treat me differently. The exercises the chiropractor gave me to do at home, mostly isometric-type things, combined with his insistence that I walk regularly and lose weight has started me on the road to recovery.

I’ve learned by doing half the things recommended does not work. You need perseverance and discipline to get some relief. I know that many of you struggle with this type of issue. Please feel free to share and thank you so much for listening.

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