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A figure with intense bowel pain stands in the middle of a labyrinth.

Going to a Salon Appointment with IBS

Salon appointments are time-consuming, especially if you are dying your hair. You can be sitting in the chair for upwards of 4-5 hours, depending on what service you get. But when you have IBS, sitting in a salon chair for hours can be extremely stressful and challenging.

Hair salon appointment

I recently had an appointment at my salon for a much-needed cut and style. It had been months since I cut my hair, and I needed self-care. For the past month or so, I have been feeling amazing about my IBS, as I have made many changes in my diet and supplements, which have paid off.

So since my recent health improvements, I was highly confident when making my salon appointment. I felt it would go smoothly. Well, it did, until it didn't.

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Driving to my appointment, I was starting to get a stomach ache. This was odd, as what I ate for breakfast were safe foods as usual, and I couldn’t figure out why my stomach was starting to act up. Looking back, I honestly feel like it could have been my nerves. I was so excited to cut my hair that day, which could have ramped up symptoms.

IBS urgency strikes again

As I approached the salon, it hit me hard. I had to use the restroom ASAP. To make matters worse, I made this appointment at a new salon I had never been to. I was mortified. I needed to use the restroom, emergency status at this point, and I didn’t feel comfortable running in and wreaking havoc on their toilet my first time there.

So in a panic, I parked and walked down the street to find somewhere to use the restroom. Off I go, walking and clenching, clenching and walking. I approached the storefront next door and politely asked if I could use their bathroom. The woman was so kind and regretfully said their restroom was out of order as they were doing construction, and they indeed were. She quickly suggested a hotel a block away.

At this point, I thought it was over for me—I would have an accident. The urgency was intense. But I continued to speak positive thoughts to myself and pushed myself to walk to the hotel even though the only thing I wanted to do was give up and cry.

I finally made it to the lobby and ran into the bathroom. I couldn’t believe I had made it! It was looking bleak for me. Thankfully, I still made it to my hair appointment just 5 minutes late, and my stomach behaved perfectly for the remainder of my time there. I didn’t even need to use their restroom.

Have you ever had an experience like this before having to attend an appointment? Is it not the most stressful thing to endure? I feel like it is. If you can relate, comment below.

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