The Supplements I Take for IBS and Why

Currently, on my IBS journey, I am being very consistent and disciplined with a supplement regimen. I thought I would share what I am taking and what has shown to bring me relief from urgency, bloating, and constipation.

I was diagnosed with IBS in 2011, along with Crohn's Disease. My journey has been long and hard, but I have seen tremendous improvement in the past 2 years. And most recently, in the past months, I have been feeling great and having minimal symptoms.

Lately, I have been able to wake up early without being a slave to the washroom for hours. I can finally wake up and start my day like normal. My intense urgency has gone away and I don't have that horrible anxiety looming over me whenever I leave the house. Also, the intense bloating has gone.

Supplements I take for IBS

So what changes have I made that have given me such great results? I am doing so many things that I can't pinpoint one specifically. But here are the supplements I have added, and since doing so, I have been feeling 10 times better and thankful!

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Daily I take a probiotic in the evening. It is from the brand Garden of Life, and I take the Once Daily Women's. This brand has many options for probiotics, and I find all of them to be excellent. This is the one I am taking at the moment.


L-Glutamine has many benefits, one being that it helps heal the gut lining. So if you think you have a leaky gut, this is a great supplement. Also, if you are at that point where you feel like every food is a trigger food, again, this supplement is a good option. I buy from the brand Thorne.

Beef Liver

It is said that beef liver is nature's multivitamin, so I take this daily as a multivitamin. I buy from the brand Ancestral Supplements. I have to say, since taking this every day, I have found my energy levels have improved immensely.

Beef intestine

Daily I also take beef intestine in the afternoon. I use the brand Ancestral Supplements. Doing some research, I learned that early ancestors believed eating the very thing you needed support for was beneficial. In other words, if you were having kidney trouble, you ate the cow's kidneys. In my case, I have compromised intestines, so I started eating cow intestines.

This supplement was the one that I noticed the most results in. I had major improvement in the bloating, pain, and overall discomfort in my bowels.


Colostrum is extremely beneficial to our immune system and gut. Because my immune system and gut need major help being that I am diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, I take this daily in the morning on an empty stomach. I use the brand Ancestral Supplements.

Vitamin D

Lastly, I take liquid Vitamin D3 from the brand Designs for Health. I never absorbed Vitamin D well from other brands, and it wasn't until my dietitian recommended this one in liquid form that my Vitamin D levels were perfect.

My experience with supplements

Overall, I have been feeling so well since I started this regimen. Of course, besides supplementation, I eat a perfect diet. I stay away from wheat and processed foods. I have dairy, but only a little, and I eat mostly organic and fresh. I cook all my veggies, ensure I am hydrated and get sun daily. In the end, remember that you can't supplement yourself with a bad diet.

How about you? Do you take supplements to help with your IBS? How many do you take daily? Share below. We love to hear from you.

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