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Always Put Yourself First

Always Put Yourself First

As an individual with responsibilities, it’s not always easy putting myself first. However, as an IBS sufferer, it is important that I do so because otherwise I’ll end up paying the price for it later. When it came to work, I used to always put my job first and did my best to give a 110%, regardless if the stress triggered a negative symptom. When I worked my last office job as a mail clerk at a bank, it was my responsibility to go to different departments and drop off the respective mail. I would also go the extra mile and do favors for certain department-heads, even when it wasn’t in my job description. I was so focused and determined when I did my job because I developed an eagerness to get the routes done sooner, and of course, with as much efficiency possible. This aspect of my job eventually took a huge toll on me due to all the heavy lifting and moving around.

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Taking control

My stress level as a mail clerk was minor in comparison to other jobs I’ve had in the past. However, having to quit that job due to my condition was the final straw that left me with no other option but to find an alternative career path. Ever since I developed IBS, I had jumped from one job to another not only because I knew my heart wasn’t in it, but because my body physically couldn’t take it anymore. Changing jobs so much was me going through trials in effort to be in a less stressful environment, only to find out that they weren’t actually less stressful. When it comes to taking care of yourself, my first thought is putting yourself first no matter what, so I had to leave my job as a mail clerk to figure things out. I went on unemployment for months until I decided to make videos for YouTube to help raise awareness for IBS and spread positivity around the world. This became my idea of “taking care” of myself. This was me finally taking control of my life and what I wanted to do with it. Doing this helped me cope with my IBS a lot better.

Practice positivity

Sometimes I still forget to take care of myself, but I’m getting better at it. When I do forget, I occasionally suffer consequences and need remind myself how important it is to put my well-being first, even if it means going the unconventional route. There are too many stresses in life that don’t always need our energy, therefore we must learn to take ourselves out of the negative equation and place ourselves in a more positive one. It’s not always easy but if we can manage to think positive, then according to our level of belief, it will eventually manifest itself in the things we are doing. We will be positive while leaving a stressful environment for a less stressful one, while striving toward our dreams no matter how hard they seem, while communicating with family and friends about our limitations, while exercising through pain, and so on and so forth. Positivity will come about if you allow yourself to think about it more times than none despite any negative circumstances. A good way to start practicing is by putting yourself first.

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