A person jumps on a trampoline about to dunk a basketball with a look of shock on their face

Jumping on Trampolines with IBS

My 5-year-old nephew had his birthday party recently, and it was at a trampoline venue. It was the coolest concept. Trampolines everywhere for you to bounce up and down on and padding in every corner and inch so that no one gets injured. There were also pits filled with foam squares to jump into and other fun obstacle stuff to explore. My nephew was having the time of his life with his school friends, and I, a 32-year-old IBS sufferer, wanted to join in on the fun.

I mean trampolines? Everywhere? I don’t remember the last time I jumped on a trampoline, maybe in high school? Regardless, I was getting involved! So, as I was taking off my shoes and putting on the unique socks to jump in, it occurred to me: is this a good idea?

Eh, I went and did it anyway. I was jumping up and down and feeling like a kid again when my brother suddenly pointed out that there was a section of trampolines near a basketball net, and you could jump really high and dunk a basketball in the hoop. Duh, I was ready to tag along.

Minor accident at the trampoline park

It was here that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea for me to participate. To rewind into the day, I hadn’t eaten anything. I didn’t sleep well the night before, so I slept in and woke up with enough time to get ready and make it to the party. So by the time I decided to partake in the jumping, my stomach was growling, which never went well with my IBS. Believe it or not, an empty stomach actually gives me symptoms, but I was so distracted from all the fun.

Inevitably, when I went to go dunk my ball up high into the basketball hoop, it happened: I had a small accident! Thank God and all his angels that I had on a feminine pad for extra protection. I calmly excused myself from the fun and went to the bathroom with my purse to clean up. Thankfully it was a minor accident and I was back at the party in no time.

4 items in case of an accident

This served as a great lesson to always be prepared whenever at an event, in case a small accident occurs. It gave me great peace of mind to have the supplies needed to continue enjoying myself and not having to run out of there in a panic and out of embarrassment. So here is a quick list of what I always have with me in case I have a leakage or small accident:

  1. Feminine pads: Minimum of 5
  2. Baby wipes: A small travel sized 20 count pack
  3. Extra underwear
  4. Poo-pourri

Because I was prepared and had these items at hand, I could enjoy the rest of the day and not fret about an embarrassing moment.

How about you? What do you keep on hand daily in case of an accident? Comment below, we love to hear from you.

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