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I have chronic chest pain after breaking my sternum 17 months ago. That causes stress that gave me IBS-C

Even without my chest pain, IBS is enough to be stressed about. My God it hurts. How does anyone not get stressed about ibs?

  1. I had bypass heart surgery in 2012 and know how much your sternum can hurt and how limiting that is. I hope you have some pain medication on board for when you need it. I have IBS-M and know all about stress. I have had the best success though, over time, with incorporating the IBS into my life so it isn't separate but part of it. It simply is what I do and how I am at this point. Those mental gymnastics aside, any stress makes my rectum seize up and it feels like it has turned inside out. I have no choice but to ride that out. I try my best to work through stressful situations. Mental health therapy and meditation have helped. Good luck with your sternum-I am sure it will heal and perhaps your IBS will abate.

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