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Ruq pain

Hi does anybody get really sore pain in right upper abdomen, almost like something is stuck there sometimes?

  1. Have you had this checked out by your doctor? In case it's gall bladder problems or something?
    But yes, it could be "something stuck". If it's gas, it can hitch up around the tight corner called the hepatic flexure. There's another tight corner on the left side called the splenic flexure. Wind often gets trapped in those bends.
    Colon massage, relaxing by lying down flat, gentle walking, a heat pad, warm bath, peppermint tea, can all help if it's just trapped wind. I know how painful that can be!
    But do check with your doctor.

    1. hi thanks for replying. I actually had my gallbladder out May 2021 because of pain and a large stone. But I’m still getting pains which Dr put down to IBS and gallbladder removal and a mild fatty liver . I’ve been doing the FODMAP diet for a few weeks .

    2. I'm so sorry that you're experiencing this, it sounds really uncomfortable. Personally, I'm familiar with pain but not as much the feeling of something being stuck. Have you gotten a second opinion about it? I agree with the previous comment that it might be best to make sure that it isn't due to something other than gas.
      Please keep us updated it you like.
      All the best, Karina (team member)

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