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Peanuts and spicy food reaction?

Every time I eat hot or spicy foods I get a big attack of hiccups afterwards, no matter how slowly I try to eat. The hiccups are loud and gassy, with a belch during or after each one. And it's impossible to make them go away. And sometimes the hiccups return hours later, bringing up hot, spicy burps.

Also whenever I eat peanuts I get bad wind. I had some peanuts at a friend's the other night, then when I went to bed I kept doing very hot, squeaky farts that caused the whole room to stink rotten.

Anyone else get these gassy reactions to certain foods?

  1. Oh yes definitely. The hard part is not eating them, because sometimes you just want what you want. But the only way to avoid is to avoid the food and focus your diet on other food groups. Probiotics and enzymes help. But diet change is really the only solution. -Elizabeth (team member)

    1. I don't often eat foods that make me gassy, but sometimes I'm just exposed to it and I don't always think at the time. Baked beans also make me gassy. I had baked beans for dinner earlier and now my tummy is full of bubbles and gurgles. But I do like baked beans, and I guess farting from them doesn't do much harm. But the gas from spicy food or peanuts is a different experience entirely. Very unpleasant.

      1. I feel like it always depends on how bad the symptoms get from a certain food. I also eat some mildly triggering foods that cause a little bit of bloating, but it's not worth it to me to consume foods that make me extremely uncomfortable or even sick. So I understand why you continue eating baked beans! Karina (team member)

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