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No relief. Any suggestions?

Ive had a flare up lasting for about 11 days now. The only thing thats really effecting me is cramping and intense bloating. No issues with constipation or diarrhea currently. It seems it is worse after eating and sometimes even from just drinking water. But for the most part just intense bloating throughout the day. Ive never had a flare up or sorts last this long and was wondering if anyone else has had a similar situation and what they did.

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    I'm sorry you're not feeling well and wish there was a 'cure all' I could suggest to fix you right up. I have experienced flares that last this long, with the cramping and bloating at the end. I know others have as well, from reading the site. I have found that exercise, spearmint, cumin and apple cider vinegar treatments work well for bloating. I would speak with your doctor, if you haven't already to get their take on the matter. Perhaps someone else will chime in with their experience. I hope things get better soon and remember we are here for support. -Todd, Team

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