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May already have IBS for years but not aware

For few years back I have a bad lifestyle which comes with stressful working life(causing my emotion is always unstable), and bad habit of eating (often eat too much, and addicted to cheesy, spicy food etc), and my stomach has been sometimes very troublesome to me (diarhhea like once in 2-3 months) , but it was not serious and I thought everything will be come and go like in few days, and it may always been like this.
Situation starting to get worse for past 3 months, my diarhhea and irritable stomach feel getting more and more frequent and unreasonable, I started to look for doctor and medication, but it seems like not really working. it work for sometime, and after I took certain kind of foods, the symptom comes back again and again.
after 3 months of continuous medication and diet tracking experience, doctor told me that I may have a very sensitive digestion system now, but they did not say anything about IBS. Without knowing anything about IBS, one day I found this word on the net and my symptom is exactly same as IBS-D. Food that already in my restricted list are all in high FODMAP list. I still try on some other food in high FODMAP list and it does cause me problem in my stomach.
As current Covid situation, I don't really want to go anywhere near a hospital to have diagnostic, I am looking for some advice, guidance and help in here, and possibly anyone living in Penang, Malaysia to keep in touch with me, or any Doctor living nearby my area for me to connect with them.

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