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Joint and muscle pains

Hi all, I have had quite a hard few months. I had my baby in Jul 2020 and developed bad indegestion, acid reflux and then tested positive for h pylori. I had postnatal anxiety and with the bacteria think it triggered IBS. Despite taking 2 rounds of triple therapy, I still have awful stomach pains, bloating, Acid reflux, heartburn and headaches. One other thing that happened during this time all of a sudden one day I got awful mucles and joint pains all over my body continually which was very scary. It has got better slightly ut every time I eat something of get my stomach issues, I get pains in my joints and muscles. I am very worried. My gp thinks they are all to do with IBS. It would be good to hear other people's stories.

  1. - I posted the link to your forum to our Facebook page: One person commented that they've experienced joint & muscle pain, too. Additionally, one of our community advocates wrote about her experience with muscle pain here: - Chris, Team

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