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Is this normal?

Hi everyone,

I've suffered with anxiety and IBS for a number of years now. However, over the last week or so I've been having a bout of diarrhoea every morning followed by bad stomach pain for 1-2 hours or so.

It's only the one bout, and it's more sloppy than actual water, but all comes out in one go.

Im wondering if anyone gets this and if anything has helped?

All bloods done at doctors and everything came back normal.

Thanks in advance!

  1. Thanks for reaching out. Sounds like you've already spoken with your doctor about these new symptoms but I'd encourage you to continue communicating if they are persisting. There could be something else going on that isn't detected in blood tests. In addition to speaking with your doctor, these articles may be helpful: and Wishing you some answers and relief ahead. Best, Kelly, Team Member

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