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IBS M? And incontinence problems

Hi i have not been diagnosed with ibs, but at coloscopy the doctor told me to test lowfoodmap diet because he would think it’s ibs. When I saw my GP before the coloscopy he put me on movicol as he suspected I was constipaded and that was the reason for D and urge incontinens both urine and stool. But now after being on movicol for a few months I haven’t become better 🙁 I switch between one evil to the other diarrhea or urine, both with the urge ( not that I have accidents daily but that I feel is because I stay home) I had problems similar when I was a child from 5/6 to 17 but not urine only stool, then I had about 18 good years before I at 35 started having more and more problems now I’m 39 and feel like my stomach is killing me with air, diarrhea, constipation and now the last 4-5 months increased urine problems to top it off… kill me now please (no i am not that low but yes i am at a low point in life now)

  1. Ugh I'm so sorry you're dealing with all of this! This sounds painful and I can only imagine how frustrated you are. May I recommend that you seek out help from a nutritionist that specializes in gut health? They can be incredibly helpful in figuring out what you can eat and also to help heal your gut. I hope you start to feel better soon. We're always here to support you. All the best, Michaela ( Team Member)

    1. well, that's what I keep trying to make my gastro Dr understand, I don't have accidents daily only because I'm at home! When I do go to work or out, I can't make it to the bathroom in time. Also, I have the urine urgency & sometimes don't make it, then I start having the bowel urgency & might not make it. So I wear diapers anytime I leave the house.

      1. have you been tested for parasites, h pylori, lactose and gluten intolerance? Once you know these are inot the culprit it’s easier to treat. Also, have you been tested for SIBO? Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth acts much like IBS. I recently found out I’m lactose intolerant. After treating my SIBO with antibiotics I changed my diet completely. No more dairy. I did the FIDMAT elimination diet and determined gluten was another culprit. Now I eat no gluten or dairy and I follow a low FODMAP diet. I feel much better and have had few issues in the past several months. A very good gastroenterologist will be able to help.

        1. actually just got a message from my medical office that said they found h.pylori and that my doctor would talk to me about that my next appointment. Can h.pylori be the reason for many of my problems? Tried to google it but?? Thanks for answer

      2. Hello. I’m not a doctor and don’t know all of your specific issues. Your own doctor can be most helpful to determine your causes. A lot of the conditions i mentioned cause similar symptoms. So it’s good to be tested for all of them. I found with me- off and on urgency was related to SIBO( an easy breath test) can determine this. The dairy and gluten sensitivity also triggers. Dairy intolerance is also an easy breath test. The most helpful thing for me is also knowing the foods that trigger gut inflammation which causes all the symptoms we experienced. I literally “feel” for you and hope your doctor can help you get to the root cause. You can also google FODMAP diet to learn about the foods that can irritate your gastrointestinal tract. I’d love to hear about your progress!

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