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Ibs-d flare ups.

Having suffered with ibs-d since 2017 I have been doing a lot of research, I have been symptom free for over 3 weeks using what I have learned. 1) GLUTEN. I have taken gluten out of my diet, wheat, barley, rye, yeast extract and soy sauce, unless gluten free. The result was a reduction in pain after consuming food, and a reduction in bloating. The medical profession believes IBS is caused by an imbalance of good and bad bacteria, the bad bacteria being prominent. I have been taking a herbal parasite detox on and off since 2017 with good results, I did this in the belief that I was killing off remaining parasites from a nasty pre 2017 infection. I now believe I have been killing off bad bacteria and restoring gut balance, for me this has been the most beneficial in treating IBS. The parasite detox consists of CLOVES, BLACK WALNUT and WORMWOOD I took them every evening for 1 week, cloves half hour after food, the other 2 half hour after that, then stopped and repeated if needed. If anyone decides to try this check that it doesn't conflict with any medication, though I have never had a problem. I have also learned that 95% of SERATONIN the mood stabilizing chemical resides in the intestine and needs PROTEIN to produce, it is also part of the immune system. I believe it a deficiency of SERATONIN that causes low mood during flare ups, and could even be the cause. I now take a lot of high protein foods and haven't had any flare ups since. I also watch the colour of my urine and keep it as clear as possible, the darker the per the more dehydrated, since every cell in the body needs water to function properly, even more important when dealing with IBS. My bowel movements are not at pre ibs, but are not watery and are slowly improving. A couple of footnotes:-. PEPPERMINT OIL gastro resistant is effective at calming and relaxing the intestinal wall and may even help with healing. CORIANDER POWDER, one of the most effective antacids I have taken and helps with sluggish digestion, a quarter of a little fingernail. My go to website for all things health is-. If anyone decides to try this I would appreciate any feedback good or bad, I will post information as I find it.

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