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IBS-d Flare-Up

I wanted to get others definitions and experiences of a "flare-Up". The reason I ask when I read other's experiences and frequency I feel there is definitely a difference. I seem to get flare-ups much more frequently such as weekly but my symptoms are very similar to those I read. I am on many of the prescriptions as most like Viberzi, Dicyclomine, Align, etc. but I can't understand why "flare-ups" are so frequent. I watch what I eat so those foods don't set me off.

  1. I have questioned whether "flare-up" is the right term, but I still use it because I don't know what else to call it. Basically a flare up for me is when all has been pretty calm on the IBS front and I start getting lingering discomfort, constant gas pains that don't go away, having multiple trips to the bathroom. Sometimes I know what triggered it (like this week - sugar-free muffins, what was I thinking) and other times I have no idea.

    1. mine have become way more frequent when I went into menopause. Severe cramps, diarrhea,gas,pressure, nausea just gross all over 🙄 I have lost a lot a weight this time around because of so much stomach trouble. There are times I can go a week sometimes 2 without any trouble then bam!

      1. look up IBSolution by super naturals made in california. it made my35 year ibs issues almost back to normal

      2. look up IBSolution by super naturals made in california. it made my35 year ibs issues almost back to normal

    2. I am glad to hear about other's experiences because I have found IBS to be isolating. It angers me when my family goes to do things that I cannot go to because I am feeling no so sure of my bowel situation or feeling not so great and have to stay home.
      I seem to go through this weekly or at least bi-weekly. I take 100 mg of Viberzi twice a day, along with Dicyclomine 20 mg, 2-4 a day, along with cholestyramine twice daily. These are good but far from solving all the IBS issues. Things that are off prescription I take is Calcium Carbonate for diarrhea and Apple Cider Vinegar capsules for digestion and aid with the digestion issues. These are my daily regiment items. I am still going through trying items to see if they help which what I listed do. I have tried other items but they only seemed to work a week or two then right back, so I stick with what works for me. I have Activate Charcoal but yet to try because I just haven't heard enough about it from other's experiences but am thinking more about it since there doesn't seem to be a whole lot more else to try. I figure I got this curse called IBS and there is no cure for it so we as a community are going to have to find what works or at least provides a little comfort and share and hopefully help others.

      1. Appreciate you sharing your story. Glad the comments of others in our community here has helped remind you that you are not alone here and bring you some comfort. Thank you for sharing your strategies and routines. Wishing you relief ahead. Best, Kelly, Team Member

    3. I find it's really hard to tell what causes a flare-up. I have kept a food diary, including weather changes, stress events, beverages, tiredness, etc.
      But I hadn't been able to link IBS attacks to anything. They seemed to happen randomly.

      I have recently wondered about histamine though. A few times I deliberately experimented with high histamine foods (canned crab, spinach (particularly the large leaf organic garden-grown spinach!), tomatoes, canned mackerel, most fish that is available in my local stores, Tofu, bananas, olives) because I was starting to suspect histamine.
      Sure enough I got a very bad flare the next morning and my gut was bad for a few days.
      So that is interesting me right now. DAO enzymes could probably stop that!! And they are so easily available OTC or online.
      But I need to get tested for DAO deficiency first, as I don't want to just start taking them if I'm wrong. We need a certain amount of histamine.

      But the weird thing was at times I could eat some high histamine foods and be okay!
      Then I learned about the nature of histamine overload. It's like a bucket that can sometimes just get too full until it overflows in the system.
      Stress can push histamine levels up too.

      Among other things an overload causes diarrhea.

      Doctors here won't do it unless I go private. Meanwhile I am staying away from any of those foods

      1. Thank you for sharing, that's very interesting! I'm glad that you finally found a correlation between foods/events and IBS. It's so frustrating when flares seem to happen out of nowhere. Please keep us updated about your DAO deficiency test and if you find something that helps! Wishing you a symptom-free day.
        Karina ( Team Member)

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