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Ibd and vitamin D

I have been reading some here lately that vitamin D deficiency is thought now to be related to ibd/ibs and other gut issues. I got my levels tested earlier this year and mine were very low so I started taking 1000ius daily. Not sure if it's helping my gut because I'm still having issues but it definitely helps my energy which is why I went to the Dr when they found my deficiency. I asked Dr why my levels would be low and he wasn't sure but said maybe leaky gut? I think I may need to take my dosage down because it may be irritating my gut. I'm getting levels tested again in December and will see.

Anyway i think there is a connection and is interesting. Has anyone else experienced something related to this or read about it? Here is one article.

  1. Yeah, I also thought my problems might improve since my levels were also very low (20) and took 1000-2000ui per day but nothing has improved so far (3 months in). I'm taking drops and while I'm sure it's technically working (took 4000u.i.s at first and got night-time cramps which means that the vitamin d is needing all the magnese to be transported), until now my symptoms sadly got worse (not related to D of course).

    1. Hi , I'm glad that taking vitamin D has improved your energy levels! I personally have never gotten my vitamin D levels tested, but we have several articles about the connection between IBS and vitamin D. I'll link them here in case you haven't seen them:,, You might find the comment sections of these articles interesting as well, as many community members have shared their experiences there. I hope this helps! Karina (team member)

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