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40 years of varying stages of IBS have taken their toll on my mental health, or is it the other way round ? As far back as I can remember ( its a long way back ) I have produced too much adrenalin, or is it seratonin ? Today I have a prescription for DESFAX which is a secondary seratonin uptake inhibitor which was prescribed as an alternative to CELAPRAM ( hydrobromide) I have been taking for 12 years but was affecting my libido! Overall I dont feel that Desfax works as well as my IBS is more intense with involuntary colon spasms both when I am on edge & during rest, sleep etc! Anyone else have this dilemma & found relief with either drugs or alternatives ?

  1. I have never taken those drugs before but there was a time where I needed supplementation for Seratonin. I was given a natural supplement from my Naturopathic Medical Doctor though. I had zero side effects and it corrected my levels. I believe is was called Ashwaghanda. Talk to your doctor about it and see if it is an option for you. Best, Elizabeth (team member)

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