Why Did This Happen To Me?

For a long time I lived in denial. I ignored it. Ignored the pain in my stomach. Ignored the killer urge to head to the bathroom after every meal. Scared to talk to people. Scared to be myself. My IBS started randomly. I was well until June 2018, I had great friends and a great life but then everything came crashing. I started high school in August 2018 and on the very first day, I suffered from excessive farting. Long story short in the next two years I lost all my friends, became the center of countless jokes.

It came to a point where a teacher would lecture me about how being smelly would lead to my life being completely destroyed. I wanted to cry and yell. It was not my fault. By this time I had already been diagnosed with IBS and was trying out different diets. This year I changed high schools and a week in my new high school, I am once again the source of countless jokes. I really don't think I can take it anymore. I want to yell and cry. I don't know who to turn to, I have lost faith. If anyone could help me, I would be in debt to you forever. I am so young, I want to live have friends and be happy.

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