Unsure of my diagnosis

I never experienced any symptoms until I fell and suffered a burst fracture of my T-12 vertebrae. The prescribed tramadol constipated me so I got off of it as quickly as possible. Since then I have had bad cramping all of my waking hours every day without let up. I have gone from 218 lbs. to 195 lbs. since this started 6 months ago even though I am eating normally. My gastroenterologist ordered a stool sample and colonoscopy which were both clear. I have tried Bentyl for cramping as well as IBsolutions, neither of which helped.

At a loss

I have experimented with eating gluten free with no change. It does not seem to matter what I eat, the results are the same. I have wondered about exocrine pancreatic insufficiency but can't get my gastro doc to even consider that as a possibility. I am not constipated, but when going never feels complete. I am at a loss and wonder if I will ever feel good again. I am 71.

Thoughts appreciated.

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