Short Story

I think it started in my teenage years, I'm 30 now. I'd dealt with problems with food, "anorexia" but it might have been a reaction to food intolerance in part. Since then I'd done a lot of substance abuse and had financial problems so I didn't eat much or I'd overeat.

Then I got sober, with the right support. I converted to being vegan for a year and it was an awful time of symptoms. I did a good job hiding. (Excessive gas, feeling toxic, bloating, constipation, constant neck cramps, spells of itchy skin and brain fog) I kept thinking it would go away but it didn't, I stared eating less. Anyways I became underweight. I found out I was allergic to nickel which I discovered is found in foods.

Turning to spirituality

So I had to start eating meat again... the gas problem is improved, I don't feel toxic anymore, less pain but still chronic constipation and my frustration with my body. I had to eliminate unnecessary activities and the conventional methods of IBS-C management makes things worse for me, like exercise, forced water drinking, and fiber.  

So now after having done sooo much nutritional research, I'm turning to a more spiritual lens trying to ascend with meditation and become more connected with myself.

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