Some things that have helped me

I'm a newbie as of today, and thought I'd share some info:

I've experienced a lifetime of bowel issues of one kind or another. Usually constipation, which goes way back to early childhood. One of my theories - which may apply to many of us - is that if you had a fastidious mom and were born before disposable diapers, you may have been subliminally programmed to think that having a bowel movement was a really disgusting, gross thing. Well, it's not. And few, if any of us, can control what our fecal matter is like, even if we eat the prettiest of foods. And I hope if you experience anxiety, fear, shame, or any other number of neuroses around your bowel movements, you'll consider where those originated. Not to paint mom or dad with a bad brush... it's probably quite human to voice our disgust with our child's first few months of dumps...

Tools that helped me

Fast forward to recent old age... I'd like to recommend a few tools that have worked well for me and I hope may help you as well. I have no economic interest or affiliations in any products I use or may mention, and hope none violate any rules herein.

With many trips to the toilet, or maybe just one very painful one, we are usually left with a raw rear-end. It can ruin a day pretty easily. I've found that a cold washcloth helps a LOT. If it feels like there may be some damage, Witch Hazel on a round cotton pad will bring nice relief, and start healing. And it's not like alcohol. No burning. Aloe Vera gel also may bring comfort. After that or instead of, A & D Ointment is one of the best soothing healers. Some brands work better than others. Another good ointment for healing wounds is called Bag Balm. It's medicated, but generally painless.

Reducing discomfort

To settle the gut or reduce discomfort, try ginger capsules. I don't recommend the actual root because it can feel pretty hot in the stomach. There are also natural/homeopathic curatives. These will reduce discomfort, give relaxation, and very importantly - reduce anxiety. I hope this small list may help you through some of the rough times all of us with IBS have to endure from time to time.

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